A Great Example of Term Paper Introductions

Term papers must begin with an introduction. That is what an introduction means, so this should not be surprising. Introductions come in many forms and they are all quite different depending on the type of paper you are going to be writing. There is a variety of different types of introductions, and some of them are better suited to certain types of papers than others. These include descriptive introductions for narrative papers, long form introductions, and neo-structuralism introductions.

Take notice, that the above paragraph is an introduction. Not necessarily anything, that is going to be covered, mind you, but an example as to what we are talking about. Notice that the first thing this introduction does is introduce the topic. It is a very simple introduction, merely a statement about what the topic is. A reader who reads the first sentence is really going to know what this paper is trying to be about. The second thing we see is the attention grabber, which is a rather humorous self-referential comment, which should first assuage fears that the introduction is going to take itself too seriously. This is much better than say, starting with a dictionary statement. If the reader finds this slightly amusing, which it is intended to be they could move on with their eyes and enjoy the rest of the introduction.

Normally there can be more talk about introductions, but as this one is rather minimalist, this is ignored to immediately state the thesis statement. The gist of the thesis statement for this essay is that there is a variety of different types of introductions, and some of them are better suited to certain types of papers than others. There is a transitional sentence, but it is mostly a preview of what the thesis statement is going to be. The thesis statement should never be explicitly named, and it should flow with the rest of the introduction.

The other thing that must be done is a summary of what the term paper is going to be about. This paper is clearly about introductions that can be seen from the first sentence. Now there is a hint given for what kind of introductions will be covered. In addition, their specific usage in each is explained. This leaves the reader wanting more, and should generate some genuine curious as to the inner workings of introductions. This is a good way to transition from thesis statement to your paper proper.

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