The 10 Hottest Research Paper Topic Ideas For University Students

Being in university is a rewarding experience. You feel great that you are studying for a higher-level degree. You feel motivated to get a well-paying job and earn more money than earlier. You form great interactions with your colleagues and have a great time to spend. However, with great success comes great responsibility. You will now be supposed to dedicate more time to research and think more critically to complete your academic assignments.

Students in university need to write research papers while in university. These assignments are more complicated than ordinary assignments you complete in school or college. You need to think critically, carry out extensive research, collect and analyze data, organize your ideas and choose winning topics. The most difficult and time taking part in composing your research paper is choosing a valid topic. This needs to be something unique and fresh. You should keep in mind that the topic should neither be too broad nor too narrow. If you are not sure how to compose a great topic for your paper then you need to look at following samples

Ten Best Research paper topics for students

  1. Discuss the effect of civil rights movement on the constitution of America. Prove your stance by giving concrete examples
  2. Can there be a possible relation between child abuse and drug addiction
  3. What is the impact of stereotypes on the overall society that we live in
  4. The relationship between agile and spiral software development
  5. The causes of inflation and how they affect the foreign trade
  6. Is it fair to have high tuition and admission fees for certain degree levels and programs
  7. The existence of dinosaurs according to the Darwin’s theory
  8. What are the best ways to control your temperament in a hot argument
  9. The increase of obesity rates in developed economies is a worrying thought
  10. What actions should the government take to ensure better employment and higher standards of living

These topics are the top ideas you can use in your paper. However, you need to remember that these results are accessible to a number of students. You need to change and alter these topics or compose your own seeing the structure and format of these topics. You might not find all of these topics relevant to your subject. You only need to choose the one that suits you the best.