How to write a research paper without making any mistakes

Writing a research paper is not very difficult if you keep a track of all that you do. If you are writing a research paper, you will need to plan your paper, organize your data, research more than a few sources, keep track of the citations, brainstorm for ideas, edit and improve your ideas and paraphrase everything into great sentences. Humans are prone to mistakes and every one can make some. The point is not that you write a paper that is free of mistakes in the first step, however it should be free of mistakes when you are about to submit. You also need to be careful during the writing and research process so that you minimize the chance of committing a mistake.

Double-check all the titles and numerical figures

When you write a title, you should check if you spelled it right. Similarly, make sure that the name of the author, book, movie, place you included has the correct spellings and the upper and lower case letters. If you are including statistical data in your paper, then it is a good idea to check the facts and numerical figures twice.

Read as you write

When you are writing your paper, you should read along. This will minimize the chances of missed out words and phrases. Sometimes you do not see a missing letter or word while you write it, but you can easily identify them when you are reading aloud.

Follow the right format

Your teacher or university would have asked you to follow a certain format for your paper. You need to stick to the instructions. For ideal results, take notes on a neat paper and list down all the instructions you have for the paper. You can tally them from the paper and stay close to the requirements.

Structure your paper in the right manner

The structure of a research paper is very important. You need to organize the paper in the right manner so that you do not get confused between chapters and paragraphs. It is necessary for your paper to make sense logically.

Do not work when you are sleepy or low on productivity

This goes out without a doubt; you need to be very much awake and productive when you write your paper.


  • Set a daily word count and stick to it
  • Do not hurry with your paper
  • Draft and edit
  • Rewrite
  • Proof read your paper