Finding Proofread Paper Conclusion Paragraph Samples On- and Offline

If you are writing a paper in school it is quite beneficial for you to find proofread paper conclusion paragraphs that you can review. Reading over proofread samples is one of the best ways to figure out what standards need to be met or what styles to use.

  • Online examples can be found on academic websites or library databases
  • Offline examples can be found in textbooks or in writing guides

The conclusion is often one of the trickiest components for a student to write which is why reviewing samples can prove helpful.


You should now try your level best to write a strong conclusion. Many markers usually read the opening and closing statement of the paper. You should provide a very strong argument for this.

This is where you summarize the arguments that you have done. The conclusion should be short and very concise. It should have all the main things that can be deduced from the paper. You can also decide to end the paper with a quote. Quotes are a great way to finish your paper so long as you use a powerful quote and use it correctly. You should always use quotes in the right way. Many people fail in putting quotes in work that has been cited in other sources. The quotes should be placed in another line and indented. They should not follow the sentence. Also, the quote should be introduced with a colon. Quotation marks should also be used. The quotes should be used in the best way possible. If you start your thesis using double quotation marks, this should be followed throughout the paper.

The conclusion should work in tandem with the introduction to frame your argument. So if you are looking at a sample paper you want to read not just the conclusion paragraph but the introduction as well to see how the two are related. Writing a solid paper-conclusion included-takes time. It takes a lot of thinking to compose an excellent conclusion, one you can defend and present in front of senior academicians. What are markers looking for?

So how is your conclusion graded?

Markers want a simple, easy to understand and a well organized paper. They don’t want to read bulk of document which does not make a point. People who perform well in thesis are those who write on a topic they fully understand and those who write on the recommended settings.