List of Tips on How to Write a Methodology for a Research Paper

The methodology of a research paper is very important because it provides an analysis and explanations of how the raw data was assembled. One of the keys to writing a good paper is being thorough, meticulous and including a qualitative methods section. The results of your study should be verified by other researchers, who are not going to just take your word for it. Use the following tips on how to write a good methodology.

  1. Define the research question. Narrow down the general subjects and choose a specific theme. If you have an instructor, use his guidelines to achieve better results. Explore the topics that sound interesting to you and define the time needed to write your paper down.
  2. Survey your resources. After having formed your topic, make sure that you will have enough available raw data. Pay attention to the time budget and try to keep up with the deadline.
  3. Choose the research method .The empirical-analytical method focuses on objective knowledge, uses deductive techniques in order to analyze the questions that can be answered clearly with a “yes” or “no” and an existing theory as the foundation. This method focuses on explanation and is recommended to be chosen in order to approach the study of social sciences. The imperative method focuses on subjective analysis of the entire phenomenon and helps establishing the connection between you and the subject under the study. You can also use a mixed methods research, which is basically a mix of qualitative and quantitative forms, which involves both assumptions and a theoretical foundation.
  4. Map out your strategy. Develop your own systematic plan to hunt down relevant and reliable resources, use different available tools, libraries, electronic databases and verified library web sites.
  5. Provide an additional rationale for the audience. Give your readers a clear and logical background if your research problems require more than a widely accepted degree of knowledge of natural, physical or social sciences. Concisely explain why exactly you used the data sources presented in your research paper and why they are seem like the most appropriate to you.
  6. Avoid unnecessary details. When writing the research paper you should use a meticulous but concise and logical approach of narration. Remember that you are not writing a “do it yourself ” guide, but your version of how a particular methodological procedure can be applied.
  7. Evaluate your work. Evaluate your research paper by the main criteria: the information should be reliable, authentic and a useful source for the others.