How to Write a Persuasive Research Paper: Working on Underlying Issues

In writing a persuasive paper, simply believing something is not quite enough. Furthermore, some persuasive topics have underlying issues or concerns that must be avoided in the writing process.

Additionally, your own approach to writing your persuasive essay may have underlying issues. There is much to think about when properly presenting a stance and the support for it. Working on underlying issues with topics and your writing much be considered and avoided at all costs.

Issues You Want to Avoid in Your Writing

Focus on the issues that might cause you to stumble while writing a persuasive essay. Remember, the best offense is a good defense. Try to avoid the following while writing your essay:

  • Appeals that are too emotional and end up sounding like begging
  • Lack of support for your idea
  • Too many sterile facts and data about the topic
  • Rambling without focus in the essay
  • A whining or threatening tone which would turn-off your reader
  • Not enough support for your opinion

Underlying Issues Your Topic May Have

Your topic could come with some issues, as well. It takes more than passion for a persuasive topic to be good. Be very selective when picking your topic. Stay away from the following topic issues:

  • The event is too current and lacks support
  • There is not support for your side or there is too much for the other side
  • The support for your stance is not valid or credible
  • The topic is too controversial for an academic paper
  • The topic is too complex for the average person to understand
  • The topic does not matter to you
  • There is no general population concern or care for your topic
  • Your teacher did not approve your topic

As you write your persuasive essay, be careful of common underlying writing concerns and topic concerns. The right topic, presented properly, avoiding underlying format issues, can make for a beautiful persuasive essay. Both the topic and the writing delivery matter greatly.

Once you think you have the perfect topic, get it approved and then begin to research for credible support. You should have several main ides for your reasoning, and you will need support for all of the ideas.

Use this guide to stay on the right track as you try to avoid underlying issues with your topic and your writing while writing your persuasive essay.