Searching for Controversial Topics for a Research Paper

It is a part of human nature to doubt everything. This skill was necessary to survive at the early stages of evolution when a human being had to doubt whether or not to eat a certain plant, and it is still crucial nowadays. Controversies are the stimuli that make mass media and politics work. Some controversies are everlasting, like the question of whether or not heaven and hell exist. Some are quickly forgotten, like whether gramophone records are better than tape recorders.

The research papers that are based on controversial topics are usually very motivating, both to the writer and reader. The researcher feels that it is up to him or her to prove something in a new unique way, and the reader enjoys reading a piece of writing that can persuade him or her to take a certain stand. However, the best thing about controversial topics is that no opinion can be absolutely right or wrong, so heated debates can arise while discussing the work.

The variety of controversial topics for a research paper can dumbfound everyone, so more time may be spend not on searching for the topic, but on choosing between hundreds of them. Here is a list of some more controversial topics to choose from:

  1. Should abortions be allowed for underage girls?
  2. What are the factors that can justify the use of euthanasia for some terminally ill patients?
  3. Should drugs such as steroids be totally banned for sportsmen?
  4. Should parents be allowed to refuse vaccinations for their children?
  5. Can car navigation systems cause car incidents?
  6. Should college team football players receive shortened and simplified versions of home assignments?
  7. Is a child’s obesity the fault of the parents?
  8. Should parents have the right to decide whether their child should be a vegetarian?
  9. Do extreme makeover shows advertise plastic surgery?
  10. Is adoption possible in gay families?
  11. Should marijuana be allowed as a medical cure?
  12. Should students be grouped according to their abilities?
  13. Should all nuclear weapons be disabled or destroyed?
  14. Can parents use corporal punishment?
  15. Can the American dream make a person happy?

These topics presuppose a thorough study intended to find all reasons for and against, and therefore promote the development of critical thinking. While writing the research paper, the researcher should enumerate all possible views and assumptions, but not ones he or she considers the most appropriate.