A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics About Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte is one of the most famous novels of all time. Most students who study literature have to write research papers on topics related to this piece of literature. There are many interesting topic ideas that you might consider. It is recommended that you study a list of good topics about Jane Eyre, get inspired, and then compose your own research paper topic. The following list has been created in order to help you get started.

  1. Reflecting on the life story of Charlotte Bronte in the novel.
  2. How is the novel Pamela mentioned by Jane related to the story?
  3. How does the British Birds novel by Bewick connect to Jane Eyre?
  4. Why is the main heroine fascinated with the Arabian Nights tales?
  5. The state of the educational system in Britain in the 1840s.
  6. The career of a governess in Victorian England: what was the necessary training and what were the benefits?
  7. The treatment of the main heroine as a governess: what social prejudices were typical in Victorian England?
  8. What Gothic themes are raised in the novel?
  9. What is the study of phrenology, and why is it mentioned in the novel?
  10. Mystical topics in the novel: mesmerism, presentiments, and fortune telling.
  11. The life of a missionary in India: what would it have been like for Jane Eyre?
  12. Typical responsibilities of a parish priest in Victorian England: the story of St. John Rivers.
  13. Jane Eyre as a feminist novel: the position of women in Victorian England.
  14. Compare and contrast the characters of St. John to Rochester.
  15. Compare and contrast the characters of Jane to Blanche.
  16. Points of comparison between the Rivers and the Reed families.
  17. What sort of voice does the main heroine have as a narrator?
  18. Social class in the novel: the main points.
  19. The dreams of the main heroine: how do they advance the story?
  20. The role of the color red in the novel: does it signify passion?

After you select a topic for your research paper, you need to read the novel carefully, conduct a brief literature study to make sure that you have enough material to develop your main idea, and visit your supervisor to get the topic idea approved. Once it is approved, you can start working on the paper’s outline. Then, write a rough draft, revise it, edit, and proofread the work.