A practical tutorial on how to write a research paper in APA formatting style

If you are writing a research paper in APA formatting style, it is important that you use the right format structure. APA format is a formatting and referencing structure established by the American Psychological Association. The purpose of its establishment was to put out a single structure that all students, academics, and professionals would use for reference material. This makes it easy to categorize, catalogue, and find reference materials related to any subject in psychology or behavioral studies.

Students who want to pursue a career in these fields will need to familiarize themselves with this format so that they can later publish articles using it correctly. This is why teachers will assign it to students and place such strong significance on getting the formatting correct. By learning how to use it, you can avoid getting lower grades because of a simple formatting error.

Remember these steps when writing APA format:

  • Keep everything double spaced, size 12 Times New Roman font unless otherwise directed by your professor.
  • Make sure to number your pages, including the title in the upper right hand corner. If you have a long title, you can include only the first few words of it, placed in front of the number.
  • Include a title page with the running head at the top left side, your title in all CAPS
  • On your title page center your title, your name, your academic institution, and the date in the middle of the page
  • Include an abstract on the next page with any keywords
  • Start with the introduction, the body, and the conclusion, each new paragraph for which should be indented
  • Include a reference page at the end, all formatted according to APA regulations as well as an appendix for images or graphs or tables.
  • Make sure that you also cite your sources in text.
  • If you use a quote which is more than four lines long, you want to indent the entire thing two tabs and leave out quotation marks.

Double checking all of this will save you time and a possible letter grade. If you are unsure of any particular area of the APA format, you can find a guide published by the American Psychological Association online which you can use to not only format your reference page but keep everything else properly formatted.