Research Paper Topics Ideas to Improve your Paper

Writing a research paper in any academic field of study is something all students will experience again and again.  There is a lot of competition in research paper writing.  Your teachers or professors have read hundreds or even thousands of research papers over the years.  Select papers standout more than others.  If you want your research paper (and surely you do!) to standout and not get lost in the shuffle with all the other students’ papers, the key is beginning with the research paper topic itself.  Here are research paper topics ideas to improve your paper.

Make the Effort to Review Existing Research

  • Your job in research writing is to contribute new information to the collective research that already exists. 
  • Examining the existing research allows you to get a feel for what the community of researchers in a particular field is interested in.
  • Research builds upon past research.  In every research paper, there is a conclusion where possibilities for related future topics are suggested.  Therefore, you can great topic ideas by just simply seeing what is being asked for in others’ conclusions.

Choose a Topic that Truly Interests You

  • Ask yourself if you are truly interested in your topic.  Do you find it personally engaging?  You will be able to nail down a good topic that’s best for you if you can answer yes to these two questions.
  • A topic you find interesting will allow the preliminary task of reviewing current research become more efficient and you will more quickly get a better grasp of what your research will entail.  You will be more driven to get that paper written. 
  • You will better engage and inspire the research community (at this point, your professor) if you enjoy your topic.  Liking your research paper topic will naturally reflect in the whole project ahead of you, and this will directly affect the quality of your paper.  

Make Sure Your Topic is Focused and Strongly Argumentative 

  • Ensure that your topic is focused.  The topic must fit neatly into one niche concept
  • Brainstorming is a method you can use to help focus and drill down your topic.  You do this by simply writing any and all ideas that come to mind as fast and you can.  Once you have your list, choose your best general topic and narrow it down and then narrow it down again.
  • Once you have your drilled-down topic, ensure that the topic is highly argumentative.  Remember that in a research paper, you are taking a side of an argument where you will support your side with evidence.  The stronger the argument, the stronger the research becomes, and you'll be able to better fill all those pages of your research paper.

Your goal is to do the best that you can do and turn in a paper that will stand apart from the crowd.  The best research papers start with great research paper topics.  Great research paper topics are chosen by reviewing existing research, ensuring the material is interesting and engaging, making sure the topic presents a strong argument that can be tested and are focused. Paying attention to these ideas will ensure your paper will flow well, and it will be a better read for others.

And! Chances are you will be required to publicly present you research to your fellow peers.  So, you really want the best research topic and paper you can come up with. Have fun and good luck.