How To Write A Research Paper Title Page In The MLA Format

When you write a research paper for your college, you will have to follow the format specified by your teacher. Formatting is important because it helps the readers find the sources you have used for your paper and compare your paper to others in the same style. Different institutes have different specifications for the format of your paper depending upon the subject and professor preferences. If you are to create a research paper in MLA style, you have to follow the exact guidelines and instructions by your teacher

MLA stands for modern language association and usually does not include a cover page. The official website of the styling guideline will not show you any title page requirements because it is not a standard part of it. However, if your professor requires you to include a title page in your paper, then you should follow his instructions. Remember that your professor is going to grade you for the assignment so you have to make sure you follow each of the instruction closely. You should never argue with them on any specification

As the MLA, style does not usually have a title page, and your professor requires you to include one, he will also give instructions on what to include in the paper. He may want you to add a cover page because it improves the presentation of your paper and makes it look more professional. Usually you have to include the name of the author, university, professor, title, class, and the publication date. However, you should keep the instructions by your teacher in your mind and note them down on a neat paper so that you can easily follow them

Here is a general format for the title page for a research paper in MLA style

  1. The page you have should have double spacing throughout
  2. Entire text on your title page should be centralized
  3. Enter the complete name of your university or college starting with capital letters
  4. Skip one third of the page and write the title of your research paper in the center. You can also include the sub title if any
  5. Leave few more lines and enter your name, last name and full name both
  6. Write the name of your instructor, course name, and number after a few lines
  7. Write the date on which your paper is due in the MLA format