Finding quality topic sentence and thesis statements examples


Finding quality topic sentences and thesis statement examples is a matter of conducting effective searches. In order to conduct an effective search for anything, especially something that is going to be graded in an academic setting, you must use effective strategies. Those strategies have two main objectives.


Two main rules of quality academic oriented searches:

  1. Using quality search syntax
  2. Evaluating the quality of the search results

Keywords and operators for quality searches




In order to conduct a quality search, you need to know what keywords and operators are and how to use them effectively. First you need to know a little history about keywords. Long before the days of search engines like Google and Bing and perhaps even before the World Wide Web, if an article or piece of information were to be placed on the internet and shared with others, then it needed to have some metadata including keywords that allowed those searching for the article to find it.


For example, let's say you have written a research paper about sheep farming in Scotland in the middle ages. Your keywords most likely would have been the following:

  •  Sheep
  • Farming
  • Scotland
  • Middle ages

    Notice that each keyword may be either a word or phrase. The author of this piece would not want to use the words middle and ages as separate keywords because alone those words have nothing to do with the research piece.


    As search technology progressed the search engine bots no longer had to limit themselves to indexing pages based on what the author of the article has written in the keywords section of the article's metadata, but rather they search the entire text. As a result, a new beast in the world of online search emerged – the long-tail keyword. A long tail keyword is simply a phrase from the article. The phrase can come from the title, the keyword metadata, or the text of the article. An example of a long-tail keyword, using the example above might be – farming in the middle ages.


    When you search for quality topic sentence and thesis statements examples begin by with long-tail keywords that more closely resemble the topic you are interested in. Write that long-tail keyword down. Then, gradually remove different words from the long-tail keyword to use fewer and fewer keywords in each search. Alternatively, you can begin searching with individual words and then work up to long-tail keywords.


    Using search operators


    If you are searching on the web with one of the major search engines, simply type into the search box – using search operators on [name of search engine here] – for a full explanation of how to use search operators most effectively on that search engine. In addition to the operators, your search results can also be refined by using some of the menu options on the search engine that can limit the search to specified date ranges.


    If you are using your school's library search system, it is most likely using Boolean search syntax. In that case, then simply search first on the web for – Boolean search syntax cheat sheet – and print that out before your next search.


    Evaluating the quality of search results


    One would think that with the great sophistication of the major search engines that the best quality information would appear higher up in the search result rankings. That is not necessarily the case.


    To evaluate the reliability, ask or investigate the following:

    1.  Does the page description or snippet match what you are searching for? (read it before clicking the link.)
    2.  Does the author cite sources?
    3. When was the piece written?
    4. What quality sites link to this page? (To do this search, you will need to know how to use search operators first. See above.)

    Summing up, in order to find quality topic sentence and thesis statement examples you need to conduct effective searches and evaluate your search results. Only when you have found a relevant and reliable piece can you then read it and search for topic sentences and thesis statement examples.