Great Topic Ideas for a History Research Paper

The following is a list of great research paper topic suggestions for your history course. These are only ideas, so if you have your own you should always present them to your instructor for approval.

Creation Myths: What can be said about a culture that has created a specific type of creation myth? For instance, the Mayan creation myth is quite different from the creation myth that sprouted from Ancient Egypt. What could each of these stories from these two powerful, rich cultures tell us about the people, customs, geography and more?

India and Independence: Ghandi was a tremendously influential historical figure whose unique type of nonviolent resistance was welcomed and widespread during India’s struggle for independence. Compare and contrast his nonviolent resistance with the nonviolent resistance methods of Rev. Martin Luther King in the U.S. during the civil rights movement.

Geography in History: The Mesopotamian and Egyptian geographies are quite similar, but their political and cultural history couldn’t be any more different. Consider other areas in the world and how geography played a part in a culture’s history. For instance, there is a lack of natural resources in Greece. Did this shape how its success or fall played out?

The Arab Oil Embargo and OPEC: What events or policies contributed to the creation of OPEC and the subsequent Arab Oil Embargo? What results have there been since the creation of OPEC and the start of the embargo?

Ancient Greece and Sparta: Write a comparison of the cultures of Sparta and Athens and describe what advantages (or disadvantages) each had. What do we know from Greek theater that may show us how morality influenced Greek culture? What can the lack of a Spartan theater tell us about its culture?

The Soviet Union and Stalin: Dictatorships rose sharply in Europe during the mid-20th centuries. Compare leadership styles of Hitler in Germany with Stalin in the Soviet Union. How did Stalin’s leadership style contribute to the start of the decades long cold war between the first and second worlds.

Industrial Revolution: What was the greatest impact that the Industrial Revolution had on Europe? Did it affect European imperialism and colonialism in any way? Did it have a role in the development of utopian visions of the time or in the development of communism or socialism in Marxist theory?

The Soviet Union and the Fall of Communism: What were the major factors that contributed to the fall of several communist governments in Eastern Europe during the late 1980s and early 1990s? What hurdles did these nationals have to overcome directly because of their communist past?