Writing A Scientific Research Paper: The Right Structure

Scientific research papers do more than just advance knowledge in the field. These publications may include solutions to serious problems, or offer suggestions that can be used, to create new products. Suffice it to say that writing a scientific text is serious business. There is a certain structure that is expected by the reading audience and the author needs to adhere to it.

  • The Abstract Gives A Summary. Time is precious, and most readers want to look at information that can be helpful. The abstract in 300 words or less tells the reader what to expect in the following pages. That person can then decide whether or not to pursue reading the paper.
  • The Introduction Presents the Question. The author in this part of the paper essentially explains the reason for doing the work in the first place. It doesn’t have to be lengthy but should indicate that the project was more than just a way to relieve boredom.
  • The Methodology and Research. This goes into detail as to how the question was addressed and ultimately answered. It may include indication of what restrictions were placed on the research and how far into detail, the author decided to go.
  • Results. The answers that came from the research are explained here. The author can make use of tables and graphs to better demonstrate visually what the results suggested.
  • The Discussion. At this point the author reveals what the significant conclusions are. This is an area where the author’s ability to communicate in writing is important. It has to be logical and clear at the same time.
  • Acknowledgments and References. Acknowledgments are a courtesy and can be optional. References are a must to avoid plagiarism accusations. The author should try to use those references that are knowledgeable in the field. Scholarly journals and other such publications, ought to be where the additional information is sought.

It goes without saying that the author should be willing to proofread and edit the work before it is formally submitted. It is a very smart move to have a second pair of eyes look for grammar mistakes and misspellings. This is intended to be a professionally prepared document. It is possible that the research paper will be published in a journal, and that can do quite a bit for person’s career. As mentioned earlier, the results can solve nagging problems or answer questions that are holding back scientific progress. These papers help both the scientific community and the author.