Coming up with easy research paper topics ideas: study guidelines

Usually the greatest piece of advice given to students who are looking for topic ideas for a research a paper is to choose a topic that they are really interested in. This seems good advice, especially as you will be spending a lot of time on the paper because in truth you will be living, breathing and dreaming the paper.

And there lies the problem, because:

A topic that really interests you may not be suitable as a research paper or it may not be suitable at this stage of your education.

Solution: Think outside the box.

  • Think of a few topics that interest you.
  • Do a brief research on each of the topics. Base your research on hard facts.
  • Keep a log or diary. Don’t miss out this step otherwise you will mix up the research and the topics which won’t help your ultimate topic choice.

A topic that interests you may have little or no research available.

Solution: Be realistic

  • If there is little or no research available how are you going to support your thesis?
  • There may be research available but it may be in a different language, how are you going to use the research?
  • There may be research available but it may be published in another country, how are you going to access it?

A topic that interests you may not have hard research evidence to support it.

Solution: You may need to find another topic.

  • This problem is more common than you think. Even professors that are well published experience this problem. They have an interest in a topic but when they start to look for hard research evidence they find there is little evidence to support their thesis. Move on.
  • You may find research evidence but it may not be available to you. Check out the internet data base at the library as they may be able to access evidence that you cannot access on your own computer.
  • If you can’t find suitable research evidence in the first two days of your search; move on choose another topic.

A topic interests you but you can only find websites on the topic.

Solution: Ask yourself – are websites alone enough?

  • The answer is most definitely NO!
  • You need to produce research from articles and books as well.
  • Make sure that you actually have enough references.

Remember if you find it hard to verbalize your topic, it’s too complicated. The more you talk about your topic the clearer it will get.