How To Lengthen A Research Paper: Vital Advice For Students

A research paper is arguably one of the fundamental ways of gauging one’s academic prowess. This is because through a great study, your academic milestone would always be bound for greatness. Many students however find research writing one of the biggest hurdles in their academic life. It could be because they are ill-prepared in this process or rather the thought of producing a voluminous piece of literature is unthinkable. It is agreeable that academic writing of this nature is something that does not go for a few pages and you are done. Research writing requires comprehensiveness and in most cases, students are required to produce a specific range of pages. This is why; to those who are not so well accustomed with writing, it is simply unachievable. In this article therefore, we take a look a few tips that would guide you on lengthening your research writing so that you can be able to meet the target as pertains to the number of pages required out of it.

  • Explanation of concepts
  • Well, one way through which many students have always elongated their academic writing is through providing in-depth explanation even for the simplest of things. Sometimes in the process of your writing, you can run out of ideas and potentially run the risk of producing an incomplete write-up. However, there should not be any cause for alarm, this is the time to explain everything even the basic one so that you can keep writing.

  • Use examples
  • Plain writing is boring. However, when it comes to spicing up everything with the goal of producing a longer research paper, the need to give many examples to everything that needs deeper understanding is inevitable. So, why worry when examples can help lengthen your writing?

  • Replacing pronouns with nouns
  • There is no offence in using nouns throughout your writing for as long as you don’t overuse them. The use of pronouns is characteristic of good writing. However, when the necessity to produce a long paper is unavoidable, this is the time to replace those pronouns with nouns.

  • Spacing
  • Formatting is an integral part of academic writing and spacing is one such aspect that makes this possible. When it is necessary to lengthen your research writing, the use of space bar on your keyboard to have indents and formatting tools of word documents menu bar become vital.