General Guidelines For Using The APA Term Paper Format

Term papers can be challenging academic tasks for students if they are new to the subject or assignment type. Unlike ordinary academic assignments, research and term papers require formatting and certain specifications to make it more professional and precise. Different teachers have different requirements based on the university guidelines for the format of your paper. Some teachers want the students to follow a standard format as APA or MLA while others may want you to custom format your assignment. Remember that it is essential for you to follow the instructions by your teacher if you want to compose a winning term paper. They are going to grade and check your assignment so it must meet their specifications.

APA refers to the American Psychological Association, which is a standard format style used for papers in general science like psychology etc. if your teacher wants you to follow this format, then there is no reason you should ignore this

If you are worried about how to format your paper in this standard style or the rules you need to keep in mind, then you should read this article until the end. You will find general guidelines for formatting a term paper using the APA format

  • Guideline for writing a term paper in APA format
  • Start by opening a blank Microsoft word document and type your paper on a standard print size.
  • The entire term paper needs double spacing unless off course specified by your teacher. You can use triple or quadruple spacing when required to give emphasis or a pause
  • The font for the paper should be any of the legible standard formats. Usually APA style follows the Times New Roman but you may use any font with clarity and legibility
  • The font size for Times New Roman in APA style should be 12 points
  • Every page in your term paper needs to have a running head. To be able to create a running head you need to include page header in MS word. Type the title of your paper in all capital letters aligned to left. The maximum number of characters for this title should be 50 including the spacing
  • The paper needs to have four major parts that are
    1. Title page
    2. Abstract
    3. Main Body
    4. References
  • Title page need to have the title of your paper, the name of the author and the institution