Five Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For A Nursing Research Paper Sample

Using a sample research paper for an example for your own paper is a great way to get you in the mood to write your paper. You need to have a sample nursing paper so that you can get an idea of how to cite your sources, format your paper, style your paper, and the overall tone of the paper. It can work to give you ideas and when you are able to pick it apart, you can analyze it so that you can write a successful paper.

You will find that many times the paper that you choose for an example is worse than if you let your little brother write your paper for you. You have to make sure that you find a good paper to use as a guide. Here are five things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for a sample to mimic.

1. Format needed

You should find a sample paper that is formatted in the style that you have to write your paper in. If you have to use the MLA format, find a sample in that format to make sure that you are formatting it correctly.

2. Who wrote the sample

Be conscious of who wrote the sample paper as well. Was it an accredited student or someone that knows nothing about nursing?

3. Sources used

Take a look at that sources that the piece uses to prove the point. Are there solid sources that were used to back up the information? That is an important question to ask yourself. If the paper lacks resources all together, skip it. Research paper present proof.

4. Length

You should take a look at the length of the sample. I wouldn’t get a thirty page sample for a two page paper. You don’t have to have the exact same pages but it should at least be in the ball park. If not, you may choose a topic that is too broad because you used a large paper as an example.

5. Errors

If you are reading through the paper and find an error, you may want to choose a different sample because this sample is clearly not edited or proofread if you noticed an error and the editing team didn’t before it was published. It is just a bad sign.