Research Papers On Hamlet: Coming Up With Fresh Ideas

When first thinking about a manuscript that is as old (over 400 years old!) and written about as William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, it can be difficult to think of anything that hasn’t already been said about the work. Between essays, film adaptations, and numerous interpretations, Hamlet is one of the most popular stories of all time. However, by being a bit creative with the writing process, you can easily find new approaches to incredibly old ideas!

The first way to think about writing a research paper on Hamlet is to think about it in the modern context. In the recent past, movies have been made about classic works (most notably Romeo + Juliet) that take place in the present day. While rewriting the entire story of Hamlet for a modern film adaptation would be a bit unwieldy, you can think about how some of the story’s key elements would apply or would play out in the present day. Could a jealous brother be so ruthless so murder his brother, a sitting president or prime minister? What form would the Ghost take in a modern adaptation of the story and would its message be the same as in the original? What kinds of modern poisons and combat could the final scene comprise that would appeal to present audiences? With much shorter attention spans that ancestors from years ago, your fresh ideas and outlooks would be appreciated!

Another fresh idea would also involve taking a modern look at Hamlet but from a comparison angle. Many writers throughout history have cited William Shakespeare as their inspiration and have admitted to crafting their writing style after his own. Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out which modern writers have been greatly influenced by Shakespeare? By studying a few different pieces of literature from the present day, you can easily start to notice some associations with the classic tragedy! We see similar storylines in many books and movies today and using any one of them as a basis for comparison could lead to a fresh outlook!

Finally, a research paper that focused exclusively on the politics in Denmark at the time of Hamlet’s writing could shed new light on some of the source material that Shakespeare used to write his story. Finding areas that deviated from real-life events could be cited as devices used solely to maximize the dramatic flair of the story. Depending on your point of view, this could make Shakespeare out to be an even better storyteller or a rather lousy historian!

With a little imagination and creative thinking, coming up with fresh ideas for a research paper on Hamlet shouldn’t be too difficult. Just be ready to be viewed as the authority on your new views and interpretations!