A List of Fresh Topics for Your Persuasive Research Paper

Very often in your academic career you are asked to write a persuasive research paper. This type of academic writing is quite a specific one. You should conduct a research on any controversial issue and convince the reader that your vision of the problem is the most sensible one. To succeed in writing such a paper, you should choose a topic that you feel strongly about and that can be easily supported. Moreover, it is wise that you select something unhackneyed and new to discuss. Here is a list of fresh topics you might use for your essay, or maybe, these ideas might help you come upon your own original topic.

  1. Should the students be allowed to use cellphones in schools?
  2. Choose the reason for banning cellphones in class, or give arguments why there is no use in banning.

  3. Should we forget about printed books, because e-books are much more popular nowadays?
  4. Give reasons why electronic books will never replace printed literature.

  5. Should age limits be set for social networking sites?
  6. Investigate your friends’ points of view, the opinion of elder people. Make you choice and prove it.

  7. Can computer games be good for children’s development?
  8. Discover if there are any pros in children playing computer games. Are there any games, which may be considered to be useful?

  9. Should the students go to school if they see little merit in it?
  10. If you belong to such kind of the students, it is your chance to gather evidence and prove your point.

  11. Can digital painting be regarded as art?
  12. No common techniques or instruments are used in this type of painting, it is made by means of the computer, but still it is considered as the modern method of creating an art object. Do you agree with such a statement?

  13. Should it be forbidden to download free music and movies on the popular pirate websites?
  14. Do you download free music? Do you consider it to be the publisher’s copyright violation?

  15. Should the teachers’ educational skills be tested more often?
  16. Are you satisfied with the quality of education you receive? Think of some unsatisfactory examples, or on the contrary, support the existing educational model.

  17. Is it needed to do something now about the children’s obesity in your country?
  18. Refer to the negative impact of excess weight on the overall health of a child. Support your claim with the examples, statistics, and judgments of the experts.

  19. Should the age on buying violent computer games be raised?
  20. Will such an age limit help prevent violent behavior of children in schools and at home? Gather evidence.