Writing a winning research paper: correct structure is the key

For the pioneering writer Truman Capote, the pleasure of writing emerged with the ringing of music that words made in his ears when he used to pick his pen. For many of us writing a winning research paper is a frustrating, maddening and exasperating job involving many trials and errors and still encompassing failures.

How to write a winning research paper?

Research: Accumulate loads of information and be an expert. Make appropriate usage of your web connection, academic database and the nearby library and jot down striking notes immersing you in the pool of striking words and stand in the world of eminent thinkers.

Analysis: Have a wide knowledge base and begin with analyzing the arguments. Jot down claims, reasons, evidences, advantages and disadvantages of logics.

Brainstorming: A winning research paper involves a deep insight of the subject and demands brilliance. Grill yourself with as many questions as you can and come up with innovative insights.

Thesis: After walking and thinking through all strands, pin down your clear cut and precise notions and elaborate them. Writing a thesis on central point, heading your reader in a right direction is one of the major aspects of a comprehensible and distinguished thesis.

Outline: Organize your content and sketch out your chief points. Use highlighted headings and bullet points. Map out the structure and link all of them together.

Title: Title should be captivating enough to compel the readers to go through the content even if they are running short of time.

Introduction: Introduction is the beginning of your text that invites the reader to take part in the discussion. It is very vital and should be impressive enough to hold the reader’s interest.

Paragraphs: Each paragraph should have an individual topic and should support assertions and evidences. Your ideas should be expounded in a clear cut and sensible way.

Conclusion: Wind up your essay in a graceful manner and finish on a memorable thought. It could be a quotation, a remarkable twist or a call to action.

Writing Style: Pick your writing style- formal, informal, comical or humorous and fit the burrowed notions or quotations based on the guidelines. Formatting is extremely important and is the base of writing a winning research paper.

Language: Polish your language and eliminate all the grammatical errors from it. Incorporate rhythm, pay emphasis on sentence flow, adjust with the formalities and offer your research paper a level headed tone. Abolish all the spelling mistakes and poorly worded phrases and conceptualize your work with the way you want it to appear.

If you follow these basic instructions meticulously, you will learn the art of organized and appealing research paper.