Using Professional Tips for Composing Computer Topics for Research Paper

The field of computing is a complicated one with many different subfields. All of these areas work well though as potential paper topics. Consider the following topics:

  • Write about the field of forensic computing
  • Write about the qualifications for computer experts
  • Discuss the methods used by hackers and whether there is ever ethical hacking
  • Write about ethical hacking courses as administered by professional organizations and the military and why these courses exist
  • Write about the threats that computer hackers from China pose to America
  • Write about the way the Chinese train thousands of people to only work on hacking into American systems and stealing information and why this is acceptable way for a government to operate
  • Write about the threat of online identify theft and whether people who purchase computers should be required to take a course on the threat of personal information being stolen and how to avoid it happening to them
  • Write about the way that computers have changed society.

When you write an essay you will go through the following phases or milestones:

  • Deciding on a topic
  • Researching your topic
  • Creating an outline
  • Writing a draft
  • Editing the draft

Your paper will need to include the following sections:

  • A cover page
  • An introduction
  • A body
  • A conclusion
  • Reference

When should you begin the leg work?

It is best to begin the leg work as soon as your schedule permits. If you are assigned a term paper that is not due for one month it may seem like a long time during which you don’t have to do anything but this is not the case. If you have a long deadline then it is there for a reason and you should take that into consideration when you work.

Try and write down the due date in a calendar and then set up personal milestones related to finding a topic/research/outline/drafts/editing. Stick to your calendar. This will alleviate the risk of forgetting about the assignment until the night before or the risk of not finishing on time.

You will be asked to format your paper in one of the following specific format styles:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Harvard or
  • Chicago

If you do not see a format assigned to you review your course syllabus and see if one is listed there. Otherwise be sure to ask your teacher.