A List of Great Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

If you are working on becoming a psychologist or an educator, you will need to take at least one course in educational psychology. This is a fascinating course that teaches students about the psychology of learning. You will learn about the men and women who paved the way for the educational standards of today as well as the latest research on the brain and how it learns. Most educational psychology courses include projects like research papers. Once you receive your assignment, your topic search begins. Here are a few options:

  • Learning differences between boys and girls
  • Bloom’s taxonomy and technology
  • Poverty and the gifted and talented student
  • Critical thinking and the young mind
  • Age appropriate learning and rigor
  • Emotional intelligence and the age appropriate classroom
  • Dyslexia and standardized testing
  • Learning styles
  • How to motivate students to learn
  • Reinforcement and success in the classroom
  • The psychology of learning
  • Autism and the regular-ed classroom
  • Teaming and the success of middle school students
  • Do implementation dips hurt student success
  • Grades and behavior: Correlations
  • Bullying between teachers and students

Educators are Good Sources for Timely Topics in the Field of Learning

There are numerous topics that you can research in the educational psychology course. The topics can be connected to learning, but they can also be about the things that hinder learning. Educators are often the best voice when it comes to discoveries and many educators struggle with getting children to get involved in their own educations. Many educators find that students with supportive and loving parents at home have no problem learning in school. They also find that students who do not have the support system at home use school as the support system, rather than a learning system. This would be a fascinating research problem to tackle and to help educators learn what they can do to change this trend.

Learn about the Legends and the Rookies

While educational psychology courses usually focus on the famous early psychologists, a research paper would also give you the opportunity to learn about the newest psychologists who are making a difference in the educational world. There are names that might be unknown today, but will become legendary when their work becomes better known. Your research paper could open the door for a contemporary psychologist who is fighting the good fight to improve education for all students.