Who Can Explain How to Write Research Papers?

There is not one right person to consult when learning how to write a research paper, but there are several people who can be incredibly helpful in the learning process. When writing research papers you can always reach out for assistance, and the people or person reviewing your paper may be different each time. Some of the people who would likely be good sources of assistance are a professor, advisor, expert or peer. Of course, there can always be other helpful people around, but when thinking about who can explain how to write a research paper—you can always look to the people we have highlighted.


Look to your professor or instructor first when learning how to write a research paper in the class or course. Your teacher will be the best resource to consult first, as they will be grading the paper so he or she will know the expectations of the assignment. Many professors have office hours in which they can be consulted, and some are more approachable than others. In the event that you need additional assistance after speaking with your professor, there should still be many people available to help.


Depending on the type of school you are at, you may be able to convene with your advisor on how to write your research papers. Most advisors have a background in education, and this is a good person to build a rapport with if possible. Developing a learning relationship with an advisor will help he or she better understand your areas of strength/weakness—stimulating overall better advising.


If available, consult an expert on the topic. Some public and private libraries offer reading and writing labs, in which experts on the subject instruct attendees. If you are able to find a writing lab nearby, you will be able to receive expert advice on how to tackle your research paper. Often, this advice is free or included in tuition, too!


Another resource to consult when learning to write a research paper is a peer. By consulting a peer or many peers you will get helpful information from someone going through the same process. A group of students learning to write a research paper together, as a group, will be more successful than that of an individual. By learning together, you learn to check and help one another.

The people surrounding you in your academic career will be the best resources to help explain to you how to write a research paper. Look to these people for a network of guidance and assistance. Whether it is a professor, advisor, expert, peer or someone else—these people can provide helpful insight on how to write research papers.