Tips and Tricks on Composing Research Paper Topics in Nursing

Nursing is a difficult branch in science because it is more than a science; it is an art that utilizes the emotions. It is often said that a nurse is responsible for easing the pain of a patient and this human touch is powerful. A nurse has the ability to recognize pain and help stop it.

That being said, picking a research paper topic in the field of nursing is a challenge as well. Your research paper needs to be unique but simple. And of course there is a vast array of topics from which to choose that can focus on proper practices in tribal areas, local patients, or any country around the world. Below are some generic topics that you can explore on a deeper level. Look for some relevant literature to the ones you find most intriguing:

  • What role does social media play in the education of nurses?
  • What risks do nurses face?
  • What role do nurses play in emotional rehabilitation for patients?
  • How can nurses aid aging illnesses?
  • What do nurses need to really understand when dealing with a patient suffering from a chronic illness
  • What challenges to nurses face in tackling women’s health
  • How can nurses help patients handle their phobias and fears?
  • What can nurses do to promote better living through prevention?
  • What makes a nursing school famous?
  • What are the differences between nursing practices around the world?
  • What are the similarities between nursing practices around the world?
  • What can nurses do to stay up to date on modern systems?
  • Study the history of nurses at Bergen-Belsen
  • Should alternative therapies be considered nursing?
  • What are the differences between primary care providers and nurses?
  • How can nurses communicate their economic worth?
  • How can nurses handle multi-generational teams within the work place?
  • What are nursing ethics?
  • What can be done to stop the migration of nurses internationally?
  • How can nurses provide instant remedies for patients demonstrating a strong fear?
  • What is behind the process of rehabilitation?
  • How can nurses help bring patients back to life?
  • What natural painkillers are most effective?
  • Are nurses able to use natural medications?
  • What new computer systems are available to help nurses?
  • What therapies exist to help long term abuse and trauma rehabilitation?

Look for a topic that is interesting to you, one that you will stay interested in. Also make sure you can finish your topic within the amount of time you have. Picking something too broad will leave you with too much information to cover, and vice versa.