Suggestions on how to write a research analysis paper

If you are writing a research paper you may be a bit stumped at how to begin. But thankfully, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Select the topic
  2. The very first step in writing a research paper is to select your topic. You might have a very strict list of topics or a single topic choice as assigned to you by your teacher, or you may be given free reign to choose whatever you want. In any case, you should choose a topic that you have a passion for, a topic that lights a fire inside of you and motivates you to write something amazing. You will end up spending a great deal of time writing on this topic so it will behove you to pick something you like. Depending on the length of the paper, you should make sure your topic is large or small enough to fill the set number of pages.

  3. List some possible questions.
  4. This means you should take the topic you selected and start writing questions about it. What questions do you have about your topic? What else do you wish you knew about it? Ask other people if they have questions about your topic and what questions those are. Add to your list of questions some pros and cons. Write any controversial elements regarding your topic town. This will help you when it comes to writing subtopics. The purpose of this is to break down your topic into smaller pieces so that you can organize your research paper.

  5. Figure out Where to Get Answers
  6. You have your list of questions now, so your next step is to figure out where you might find answers. Think about your controversial aspects and ask yourself if there are two sides to any particular issue, and if there are, look for expert resources from both sides. Interview people in the field in order to add credibility to your paper. It is important to ensure your paper is well balanced. Even if you are arguing one side of the topic, you want to address both to some degree. Look into all manner of resources including professional articles, quotes from interviews, books, magazines, newspapers, books, etc… Professional quotes will add authenticity to your paper and make it stand out among the crowd. Do not be afraid to ask experts for their advice. You might email the professor who authored the top book in the field and ask if he or she might be willing to respond to a few questions or send a quote about it. The worst that can happen is they say “no” but there is still a chance that they will say “yes” , so go for it.