How to Get an APA Example Research Paper for Free

Research papers follow different formats depending upon the subject and the institution you are studying in. there are usually two basic formats for writing a research paper. One of them is APA and the other is MLA style for writing a research paper. The APA style refers to American Psychological Association. It is a standard format used across the globe for writing research papers in social sciences and general sciences. However, it depends upon your teacher or institution that which style they want you to use for their assignment.

Getting an APA example for free

If you need to write a paper in APA style, then it will be of great help if you can find an example. Examples are a great way to teach students how their paper should look like. Many students think that writing a research paper in a certain format is difficult. However, if you look at the example closely you will see that it follows few basic rules for citations, margins, fonts, running headers and publications. An APA paper needs to be double-spaced throughout and follows a font of 12 points in times new roman or any other easily readable font. There are a few citations and quoting rules that you need to follow to make sure you did not steal from any one and the work is your own creation. The basic purpose of this article is to help you find resources where you can get APA example research papers without spending a penny. Here are a few places where you can possibly get a research paper in APA style

Check with your seniors

The best part about having good terms with your seniors in university or college is that you get help that you need for your projects. You will see that they have done past research papers in APA and MLA style both and they can lend you one if you have good talking terms with them.

Skim through the APA guidebooks

You can go to a public or college library and search for guidebooks in APA format.

You may also,

  • Talk to people in an online community or forum
  • Use your search engine to get filtered results
  • Look at authenticated sites for APA research papers
  • Ask a sibling if they have a research paper in the style you need