Complete Instructions For Writing A Research Paper On Data Mining

When studying for a field like software engineering you will most probably be required to prepare a paper in data mining. If it is your first time to write such a paper, this may seem like a daunting task. However, if you are armed with complete instructions for writing an essay on data mining, the process will seem a lot easier. While you ought to understand that the essay cannot write itself, you can always prepare and plan so that the writing just becomes less stressful.

Choosing the Topic

The first step in writing a research paper on any subject is choosing a topic. When it comes to the field of data mining, you need to consider a number of things in order to come up with a good topic. The first thing you need to consider is whether your intention is to improve/design or apply a data mining technique. The former is usually more challenging than the latter. However, the former is more appropriate if you intend to make a more significant contribution to the body of knowledge. Restrict yourself to something that is viable given the resources and time at your disposal. It’s always good to consult your instructor on such issues.


The nest step in writing any research essay is conducting research. After selecting the topic you have to conduct an extensive evaluation using a variety of sources including journal articles, websites, encyclopedias, books, web pages, and even interviews. When it comes to analysis in data mining, the sources of information you will use will depend on the type of technique you intend to apply, improve or design. Some topics are more popular than others hence you will find more information on these topics.

Develop an Outline

The third step in writing this kind of paper on data mining is developing the outline. You should begin by annotating your research and taking notes while highlighting the main facts and concepts. This step also involves organizing your notes, constructing a bibliography of the sources you will use, and developing your thesis.

Writing your Paper

After developing your outline, you can now begin writing the paper. While writing the paper, ensure you always refer to other problems that researchers are attempting to solve. You should also remember to highlight the limitations to the current data mining techniques in order to decide what needs to be improved, applied or designed. Do not forget to consult your instructor or professor along the way. Always stay in consultation with fellow students as well.