What Courses Are You Required to Write Research Paper Using APA Format for?

What is APA?

APA or the American Psychological Association format pertains generally to the social sciences. This style relies heavily on when the source was published and where it came from. You will more often use APA style in your social science classes such as Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Law, Linguistics, Politics, Sociology and Psychology. You may also encounter it in some English classes, but this is mostly to teach you how to use it. In APA formatting you will use an abstract, bibliography, double spaced lines, 1” margins, 12 point font, in-text citations in the author date format, a page header, and page numbers. The format is very social science heavy and the preferred format for the social sciences and hard sciences in many cases. If you have more issues or concerns please reference the Perdue Owl website or the APA style guide in the current edition for more help.

When will you need it?

When writing on one of the above listed topics, you will likely be required to write in the APA style. Obviously, Psychology courses will use the APA format, but so will many of the other social sciences. The format was originally created in order to have a systematic system of citing sources and formatting to publish works with the American Psychological Association and has since then been applied to writing scientific works for lab reports, research, and many topics pertaining to social and political sciences. APA format is also used when writing lab reports, for nursing students in many cases, and most importantly scientific research papers. More than any other style this will be used for a research paper in any subject. This format is very useful in writing research papers because of the way that the citations are formatted. The dates of publication of the sources that you use will be highlighted throughout your paper and in your bibliography. Because the nature of social and hard science is subject to frequently, the relevance of your sources is often strongly correlated with the publication date making this an important feature of APA.

In Conclusion

  1. APA is generally used for the Social Sciences, but you may use it for some hard sciences as well.
  2. This is the best format when you have a lot of research to do and there are studies involved in the research
  3. Proper formatting is important in this format especially because you are tying your work to other people’s research.
  4. Consult the Perdue Owl website or APA style guide for more help